iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Broken Screen Repair with Original Parts and Warranty .
We can repair Repair all the Problems that may arrive to your  iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus . We are a Professional Company in Luxembourg   , and you can be assured of the top quality of our iPhone 6 Screens .

With all the iPhone 6 Repairs you will get and invoice and a Solid Warranty , and if you need we can give you  Quote ” Devis” for the repair Refund with your Insurances agent .

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Less Expenssive iPhone Repairs

Because that several of our Customers ” mostly Students” asked us four cheaper iPhone 6 screens repairs , from now on we will offer all our customers 2 types of iPhone screens repairs , one iPhone screen repair as always with an original iPhone screen and warranty , on now also a Cheaper iPhone screen repair without an Original screen .

Original Screen

Cheap iPhone 6 Black Screen RepairRéparation Lcd iPhone 6 Noire

Repair Screen iPhone 6 Black


We can repair your Broken iPhone 6 Screen Today

We repair your iPhone 6 Broken screen in Our Offices in Luxembourg.
The repair takes only 40 minutes with an Original screen  Invoice and a Warranty
We offer you a least expensive Screen repair, without an original part check the price here:

Repair Without Original Screen

For an appointment the same day:

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Less Expensive

Repair broken iPhone 6 white

Inexpensive iPhone 6 screen repair white


We can repair your Broken iPhone 6 Screen Today

We repair your iPhone 6 Broken screen in Our Offices in Luxembourg
the repair takes only 40 minutes.
Please Be aware this is our cheap repair
if you want a repair with an Original screen and warranty please
choose the one in the link here:

Repair with an Original Screen

For an appointment the same day:

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Contact us to repair your iPhoneSee the diferences between the two

Our iPhone 6 Repairs Price List.

Broken Screen repair in 30 minutes .

In This page you can find all the information about an iPhone 6 repair along with the prices .

  • iPhone 6 Broken Screen repair
  • iPhone 6 Power Bottom replacement
  • iPhone 6 Battery replacement
  • iPhone 6 Camera Repair
  • Dock ” lightning port ” Repair
  • iPhone 6 Microphones repair
  • iPhone 6 WiFi and network Reception repair
  • iPhone 6 full chassis replacement
  •  iPhone 6 Software problems Reset , Restore
  •  iPhone 6 Water damage Repair

iPhone Repairs

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Why you should choose Us ???

We are the Best Place in Luxembourg to Repair your iPhone 6 .

We are the only ” in Place Repair”  company in Luxembourg that only uses Original iPhone Screens in all our iPhone Repairs .

What really set us apart from all the other repair shops is the Unmatched Quality of our iPhone Screens and of our iPad Touchscreen  Glasses .

Our Mission is to have a Fast Smartphone Tablet and Computer Repair Service with the best Customer Support before and after every single Repair .

We are proud to have the best Repair  Warranty available in Luxembourg to protect our Customers after the repair against parts defaults   .

Repair your iPhone 6 with true Professionals.

Don’t Risk Bad Surprises !!!

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All the iPhone 6 repairs that we offer our Customers .


Choose bellow the iPhone 6 repair that you need that way you can see all the Information about the Repair and also the Price .


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