Speed ​​up Your Computer with an SSD


Experience a Brand New , Faster Performance

The 250 GB 840 EVO is significantly faster than a standard HDD,
providing more rapid sequential and random read and write times for every task
Whether it’s a heavy workload like video file editing or a simple task like a virus scan,
840 EVO runs every job smoothly and quickly. Multitasking is a simple job for this SSD,
which can operate several tasks simultaneously nearly three times faster than an HDD.
Working more efficiently with the high-performing Samsung SSD 840 EVO will change your everyday computer usage.
Now , your computer will wait for you—not the other way around.
Give a new life to your Machine let us install you an SSD EVO

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Speed Your PC Faster Performance

Toughen up Speed Your PC with 840 EVO so that it can cope with almost any daily life situation.
Shocks , vibrations , high temperatures—bring it on ! With its robust strength,
840 EVO boasts an incredibly long life expectancy and a very low failure rate.
What’s more , Samsung offers a 3-year warranty to back it up.
The reliability of 840 EVO does not apply only to its physique.

Equipped with Advanced Signal Processing,
840 EVO automatically corrects errors so you’ll worry less about your data’s stability.
Plus , using Samsung Self-Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology (SMART),
you can track your SSD’s health status. SMART warns you of any unforeseen errors
before they occur , so you’ll be prepared.

In addition , Samsung’s Dynamic Thermal Guard Algorithm in 840 EVO’s
firmware monitors the temperature of the SSD,
preventing it from overheating. When the SSD is exposed to hot weather or extreme temperatures,
the algorithm controls the SSD’s power supply to keep it cool.
Plus, with 840 EVO your PC becomes lighter and more energy-efficient,
which means you can carry it with you more.


Increased Energy Efficiency To Keep You Doing What You Love

Enjoy doing more of what you love on your computer for a longer time.
840 EVO features lower idle power consumption compared to HDDs.
This is important because PCs spend 80 to 90 percent of their time sitting idle.
The drive promotes energy savings and longer battery life,
which gives you more time and flexibility when you’re on the go.




Integrated solution combining top-quality components

Just as delectable dishes are made from the best ingredients,
Samsung combines the finest components to create superior-quality SSDs.
Samsung uses the best quality NAND flash memory chips from its own fabrication lines for SSDs.
Only the chips with the highest quality , top performance and greatest longevity potential are selected for SSDs,
the most demanding of memory applications. With all the components,

including controllers and DRAM , produced by Samsung,
the quality of your SSD is assured. Advanced new firmware that optimizes how the components go together
enables Samsung to serve up the right combination for your PC’s best performance and reliability.


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