Samsung S10 screen Repair

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Samsung S10 Screen Repair

The Samsung S10 Screen Repair includes a new Samsung Full Block.

The repair of your Samsung Galaxy S10 screen is carried out on the spot in Luxembourg in half a day with Invoice and Guarantee of 12 months.

By simple request we can make a quote for the refund with your insurance.


Samsung S10 Screen Repair in Luxembourg

Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Glass and LCD Repair includes the complete change of the front part of your Samsung! The operation is to remove your old block, so swap the motherboard to the new block that arrives with the Samsung s10 screen, The front block comes from the factory already assembled Samsung, it includes the front glass glued to the touch film attached to the LCD and half of the chassis!

You can not change that glass ???

Sorry NO !!!

You can get a repairman who changes you only the glass. On paper, it sounds interesting, but the reality is something else. The glass is stuck to the touch behind and on the LCD screen for your Samsung S10 Screen Repair. To change it, you must: a heat gun or hair dryer and plastic razor blades to take off the screen. The operation is extremely long and delicate: it is also not recommended to heat your LCD to 90 degrees … And since the touch film is extremely fragile, it can often be damaged, causing a malfunction after repair on your touch!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Professional Glass and LCD Repair in Luxembourg with Invoice and 12 Months Warranty Pc Express Sàrl.

Beware of Samsung screens for sale on ebay and in supermarkets, 99% are poor quality copies, and whose shelf life does not exceed 3 months. We are a registered company in Luxembourg with a license to help you out. Contact Us for more information On the aesthetics Galaxy S10 offers beautiful new products. Main change the screen that switches to a 19: 9 format occupies a very large part of the front. What casing a screen 8.3% larger, in a body whose surface increases only 4% compared to the Galaxy S9. The Galaxy S10 is still in the category of very large smartphones, the use of one-handed is a limited. Those who love small models will instead turn to the Galaxy S10e.

modeles Samsung S10

Réparer écran Samsung S10

This large screen limits the borders. The mini-jack 3.5 mm is present, a rarity on the high end these days. The finish is overall irreproachable and perfectly at the expected level on a Galaxy S10. With its slightly curved edges, the Galaxy S10 offers an excellent grip. The glass is always put in the front and back. A layer of Gorilla Glass protects the screen. Trust us for Samsung S10 Screen Repair.

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