Replace iPhone X Volume


Replace iPhone X Volume

Can not click the Volume Button ?

When you listen to your music and you are not able to increase or decrease the Volume ?

We will Replace the iPhone X Volume in 1 hour with warranty in Luxembourg !

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Replace iPhone X Volume

Replace iPhone X Volume on the spot!

The Volume Button on your iPhone X stops responding?

Can not manage the Volume when listening to music?

Buttons are blocked and go off alone?

The problem only comes from your iPhone X Volume Tablecloth!

It slips below these buttons to generate this click effect and transmits the information to the motherboard.


changer Volume iPhone X au Luxembourg


If you usually use the volume buttons on your iPhone to change the Volume of your ringtone,

you may have noticed that iOS 11 has changed the default behavior of your buttons.

Now they will control the volume of your iPhone wherever you are,

the control of the ring is relegated to the parameters.


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