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Replace iPhone 7 Battery

Replace iPhone 7 Battery in Luxembourg in just 10 minutes, we replace your battery with an original one and with warranty.

The battery of your iPhone 7 shows signs of fatigue? Replace it in just 10 minutes!

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The longevity of the iPhone 7 batteries poses a problem for users since the first year, forcing users to have to recharge their device too often. Fortunately, it is possible to know exactly where the performance of your battery is and replace it with us .


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Since iOS 10.2.1, Apple had reduced the performance of its iPhone 6s and 7 and Ios 12.1 also the iPhone 8 and iPhone x to preserve their battery. Nevertheless, the capabilities of the latter inexorably decline over time, forcing users to have to recharge their device once or twice a day.

In general, after 500 full charge cycles (one complete cycle means draining and fully recharging the battery once), Lithium-Ion batteries on all iPhone models lose a significant portion of their initial performance. and the user finds himself having to recharge his smartphone much more often. On the Apple online support, we can see what is the theoretical life of the various products of the firm:

– iPhone: 500 cycles

– Apple Watch and iPad: 1000 cycles

– iPod: 400 cycles – Macbook: 1000 cycles Generally,

it takes about two years to reach the “limit”, but this can of course vary depending on the use of each individual. It is therefore interesting to be able to check the number of cycles reached on your device and have the battery replaced if necessary.



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