Replace Chassis iPhone XS


Replace Chassis iPhone XS

The Chassis of your iPhone XS is broken? Are the corners twisted?

We can replace the Chassis of your iPhone XS within 24 hours with us with warranty.

Make the right choice and make the replacement at Pc Express!


Replace Chassis iPhone XS

Change Chassis iPhone XS

Chassis iPhone XS

Design Review

We have already covered the improved color selection on the iPhone XS, with the gold / copper color bringing an alternative look to the Apple handset. It feels closer to Rose Gold than anything else, but there is a definite hue of coffee that we are not completely in love with.

Beyond that, the design of the iPhone XS is familiar as it is exactly the same as the iPhone X from the previous year. The same shape, the same frame and the dimensions of 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm are used, and the temptation to copy and paste the words of the previous year is strong.

We will persevere however, because it is fair to discuss what works on this new iPhone and why, in and of itself, it is still one of the best designed phones on the market – so much so that even the new line of iPhone 11 hasn’t changed the design much.

The iPhone XS Max is a much larger phone and the stretch on the palm makes it a little thicker, but the smaller XS model fits more comfortably in the hand and the curved exterior is decent to hold.


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