Replace Battery Samsung S10+


Replace Samsung S10 + Battery

If you need to recharge your phone several times in the same day, you have to change the Battery.

You are lucky we can replace it with an original part and with warranty!


Changing the Battery of the Samsung S10 +

Let us replace the battery of your Samsung S10+

Change Battery Samsung S10+

Replace Battery Samsung S10+



The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus battery hits a new high for the S series with a 4,100mAh capacity. Last year’s S9 Plus was above average for Android flagships, delivering all-day battery life from its 3,500mAh unit, but the S10 Plus performed better for us in our tests.

Samsung still claims “all-day battery life or a bit more”, maybe because of the bigger screen here, or maybe just to play it safe. With moderate use – a couple of hours of Spotify streaming, a healthy amount of messaging and social media, an hour or two of Netflix and a smattering of gaming – we found it easy to end the night with an impressive 10% to 30% battery left.

Start enabling some of the additional features on the Galaxy S10 Plus and the battery will of course take a hit, namely the always-on display and changing Full HD+ to QHD+.



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