Repair Screen Samsung Galaxy s7


Samsung Galaxy s7 screen Repair in Luxembourg

The Galaxy S7 display is composed of the front glass lens
and the Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen.
The touch sensor layer is integrated directly
into the S7 AMOLED screen instead of
overlaying on the top of the screen.
The glass lens and AMOLED screen are hermetically fused together
to form the Galaxy S7 display ,
which makes the display thinner than the ordinary one.
Therefore, if you crack the screen on the Galaxy S7 Edge ,
you have to replace the S7 screen entire display assembly.

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Repair Screen Samsung Galaxy S7

Repair Screen Samsung Galaxy S7? Just the front glass replacement?
Special tools of heat and skills are required
to separate the front glass, and screen.
Therefore, it’s extremely difficult  to replace the front glass.
We do have the skills to replace just the front glass “and it will be alot cheaper”
but we came to realize that the quality will never be the same
as if when we replace the entire Galaxy front assembly.
When you try to replace just the glass, the final Job will be very poor
because of the amount of Loca Glue in between the glass and the Digitizer.
And in the end there will be Bad spots in between the glass and the LCD
in some parts the digitizer “Tactile” will not work right
when you try to write a message and play a game
some spots will not detect your finger and its impossible to
find original Samsung Gorilla glass on the market
the glass out there is of very poor quality that shatters in a small impact
That is why we don’t do it, we are committed to Top quality and
since we give you a warranty it will not be right four us to do such a shady job
We do the Repair the right way, we change you the Entire front assembly by an Original one

Be careful with Chinese cheap copies on ebay, amazon
and the repair shops on the Luxembourg shopping malls,
99% of them use poor quality Samsung parts that
don’t have the same picture and brightness quality
and they stop working after a few weeks
We are a legal Registered Company in Luxembourg
we have authorization to Replace your Samsung Broken Glass
and we have a T.V.A number so that you can ask four

a refund with your insurances agent

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