Repair iPhone 8 Plus broken Screen


We can repair your Broken iPhone 8 Plus Screen Today with an Original Part

We repair your iPhone Broken screen in Our Offices in Luxembourg
the repair takes only 40 minutes and you have a 1 year warranty .

We offer you a less expensive iPhone 8 Plus Screen repair, without an original screen check the price here:

Réparation sans écran d’originen]

To repair your Broken iPhone 8 Plus
Please call us:
00352 621 410 435


Repair iPhone 8 Plus broken Screen

The iPhone 8 Plus remains a solid option in the iPhone ecosystem despite seeing

competition since it launched – and being discontinued by the company.

Since this review was originally published, we’ve added comparisons

to some of the alternative phones you might be considering.

Repair the Repair iPhone 8 Plus broken Screen in Luxembourg we are  Professional and Reliable
We have an Excellent Customer Service in Multiple Languages , Test Us we love our Clients
Be careful with Chinese cheap copies on ebay amazon and the repair shops on the Luxembourg shopping malls,
99% of them use poor quality iPhone screens that don’t have the same picture and brightness quality
and they stop working after a few weeks

changement vitre iphone 8 au luxembourg

We are a legal Registered Company in Luxembourg we have authorization to Replace your Broken Glass
and we have a T.V.A number so that you can ask four a refund with your insurances agent

Building Offices Freylinger 3th Floor 234, Route d’Arlon, L-8010 Strassen, Luxembourg
200m After PizzaHut right road side 700m Before Belle Etoile Shopping Center

00352 621 410 435
[email protected]


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