Repair iPhone 8 Screen

150.90 120.90

We can repair your Broken iPhone 8 Screen Today with an Original Screen

We repair your iPhone Broken screen in Our Offices in Luxembourg
the repair takes only 40 minutes
after the repair we will give you an Invoice
and a 1 year  Warranty .

We offer you a less expensive iPhone 8 Screen repair, without an original screen check the price here:

Repair Without Original Screen

To repair your Broken iPhone 8
Please call us:
00352 621 410 435

We only use Original Parts ! 


Repair with an Original iPhone 8 Screen in just 30 minutes

Repair the Broken iPhone 8 Screen today Luxembourg we are  Professional and Reliable
We have an Excellent Customer Service in Multiple Languages , Test Us we love our Clients
Be careful with Chinese cheap copies on ebay amazon and the repair shops on the Luxembourg shopping malls,
99% of them use poor quality iPhone screens that don’t have the same picture and brightness quality
and they stop working after a few weeks
We are a legal Registered Company in Luxembourg we have authorization to Replace your Broken Glass
and we have a T.V.A number so that you can ask four a refund with your insurances agent

Building Offices Freylinger 3th Floor 234, Route d’Arlon, L-8010 Strassen, Luxembourg
200m After PizzaHut right road side 700m Before Belle Etoile Shopping Center

00352 621 410 435
[email protected]


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