Laptop back cover replacement


Laptop back-cover replacement in Luxembourg

LCD cover replacement is a long task because it is attached to the hinge and you have to pay attention to not damage the LCD.
The price may differ depending on the model.
With us you are in good hands and we guarantee quality.

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Laptop back cover replacement

You have unfortunately dropped or struck your Laptop violently
and now the back cover is cracked or broken?
We can replace the shell of your Laptop.
Is the computer having trouble opening or the LCD is not holding up?
First, you must communicate the model of your Laptop
to find the corresponding shell with our stock.

If you already have a back cover on your laptop and want to replace it with a new one,
the trickiest part of the job will be to remove the old housing without causing damage.

If you don’t replace the back cover of your laptop,
dust will start to collect behind the LCD screen,
which will cause future problems
But with PcExpress you are in good hands and we guarantee quality.

Our price may change from the Model!


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