Changer Wifi Antenna iPhone XS


Replace Wifi Antenna iPhone XS

You can no longer receive WiFi? There is a solution!

Come to Pc Express and the same day we can replace the Wifi Antenna of your iPhone XS.

Trust us!


Replacement Wifi Antenna iPhone XS

Remplacement Antenne Wifi iPhone XS

Wifi iPhone XS



The iPhone XS at launch was easily the best iPhone Apple had ever made – it had the fastest processor, the top screen, and the least amount of bezel available. The only difference between the smaller XS and the larger XS Max is the screen size and battery life, so it’s nice that the difference between the two is minimal.

It is difficult to make a correct verdict on the iPhone XS, as it is not at all an upgrade on the iPhone X, so we generally recommend opting for the old model.

In this case, Apple has decided to withdraw the iPhone X from the market, so if you want a high-end iPhone, you will have to pay the high cost of the XS or opt for the newer iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max.

It is likely that you are considering switching to the iPhone XS from an older iPhone, in which case we would say: do it absolutely, as long as you can afford it. As an investment in everyday life, it is worth a little more because the improved screen quality, better speakers and longer battery life will be of real use.



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