Original Parts

We are the only Company in Luxembourg
That only uses Original Screens
in all our iPhone Repairs .

Solid Warranty

We have the most Solid Warranty
in Luxembourg ,you have the best
Warranty available in all the Repairs .

Original Parts

We are the only fast repair Company
That only uses Original Screens
in all our iPhone Repairs .

Solid Warranty

We have the most Solid Warranty
in Luxembourg ,you have the best
Warranty available in all the Repairs .

Excellent Customer Support

Our Mission is to offer you a fast and
quality iPhone repair, along with the
best customer Support in Luxembourg .

N-1 Broken iPhone Repair Service in Luxembourg

iPhone Repair Luxembourg

Professional iPhone repair we can repair your iPhone Screen today in just 30 minutes .
We will replace it by a brand new Original iPhone Screen and we will give you a Warranty , and we promise to give you the best Customer Support .

Why we are the Best ?

Broken iPhone Screen Repair in just 30 minutes , the Repair includes the replacement of the broken screen by a new and original screen that includes the front glass, the touchscreen and the LCD.

You can be Reassured we only work with Original top Quality parts .

To make a iPhone Repair with us.

Choose your iPhone model below and then the Repair that you need , that way you can see all the info along with the prices .

Then Call us or come to our shop to have the Repair done .

Best Quality

Super Fast iPhone Repair Service with unmatched quality and the most solid warranty in Luxembourg .

Solide Warranty

Unlike the other repair shop in Luxembourg we only use Original Screens and we are 100% behind our Warranty .

Excellent Support

Excellent follow up after the repairs and money back if during the Warranty our screens malfunctions due to a default .

Professionnal Company

We are a Luxembourg Registered Company and we are in Business for several years .

Irrefutable Warranty

Our Warranty is the most Solid warranty in Luxembourg , after the iPhone Repair you can be assured of the huge quality of our iPhone screens , and you have also the Best Customer support Service in Luxembourg in case something is wrong during our warranty period .

Choose your iPhone model to see all the repairs info along with the Prices !

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Our Info & Advantages about an iPhone Repair .

Fast iPhone Broken Screen Repair Service with the Best quality and the best Customer support in Luxembourg .

We are Pros in changing your broken iPhone 6s screen , your Battery our the bottoms ( Power , Volume , Mute ) and more , all is done by a Super Professional Team in our Repair Center with stock of all the parts we may need to your Repair .

  • iPhone Screen Repair in Just 30 minutes;
  • Original and Top Quality Parts;
  • Repairs done by Professionals Technicians ;
  • Best Customer service in Luxembourg.

Repair your Broken iPhone screen by the Professionals don’t risk bad Surprises .

Unlike most of the other repair shops in Luxembourg , we only use Original Screens and we give our Customers a warranty with all the iPhone Repairs .

Be Assured we have the best warranty available

Our Warranty is the most Solid repair Warranty in Luxembourg , after your iPhone Screen repair you can be reassured of the great Quality of our Repair and The Parts Used , you will also have a great Customer service after the Repair , and you have the right to an reimbursement  during the warranty period in case our screens presents a default .

We use only the Best and Original parts unlike most of the other Shops and we are very proud to stand by our warranty in the rare case of a part malfunction .

Payment only after the Repair is done .
If you need , you can ask us for a Devi’s “quote” in order to ask for a Repair Refund with your insurances agent .

Minutes pour chaque Réparation iPhone

Réparation Vitre iPhone
Remplacement Baterie iPhone
Remplacement chasis complete iPhone
Réparation boutons

Contact Us to Repair your iPhone Today !!!

Repair in 30 Minutes with an Original screen and Warranty .

Only Happy! Customers

More than 20 000 happy Customers and 5 Star Ratings in our Facebook page .

We offer the Best Repair Service in Luxembourg , Repair your iPhone screen with the Professionals don’t risk bad surprises . We are a Professional iPhone , iPad , Samsung and Computer Repair Center in Luxembourg .

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iPhone Repair Services

  • Batteries Replacement

    Remplacement Batterie iPhone en 10 Minutes

  • All Buttons Repair

    Nous Réparons tout types de problèmes avec les boutons iPhone .

  • Audio and network Problems

    Réparation de problèmes Réseau et de Son

écran iphone
  • Cameras replacement

    Si votre camera iPhone présent un défaut on peux là réparer .

  • Software Reset , Restore

    Nous pouvons actualiser votre iPhone et Sauvegarder vous données et le rendre plus rapide .

  • Screen and Tactile Glass

    Résolution de tous les problemes avec le écran et le tactile de tous les modelés iPhone