Original Parts

We are the only Company in Luxembourg
That only uses Original Screens
in all our iPhone Repairs .

Solid Warranty

We have the most Solid Warranty
in Luxembourg ,you have the best
Warranty available in all the Repairs .

Original Parts

We are the only fast repair Company
That only uses Original Screens
in all our iPhone Repairs .

Solid Warranty

We have the most Solid Warranty
in Luxembourg ,you have the best
Warranty available in all the Repairs .

Excellent Customer Support

Our Mission is to offer you a fast and
quality iPhone repair, along with the
best customer Support in Luxembourg .

N-1 Broken iPhone Repair Service in Luxembourg

Repair iPhone Luxembourg

Professional iPhone repair we can repair your iPhone Screen today in just 30 minutes .
We will replace it by a brand new Original iPhone Screen and we will give you a Warranty , and we promise to give you the best Customer Support .

Why we are the Best ?

Broken iPhone Screen Repair in just 30 minutes , the Repair includes the replacement of the broken screen by a new and original screen that includes the front glass, the touchscreen and the LCD.

You can be Reassured we only work with Original top Quality parts .

To make a iPhone Repair with us.

Choose your iPhone model below and then the Repair that you need , that way you can see all the info along with the prices .

Then Call us or come to our shop to have the Repair done .

Best Quality

Super Fast iPhone Repair Service with unmatched quality and the most solid warranty in Luxembourg .

Solide Warranty

Unlike the other repair shop in Luxembourg we only use Original Screens and we are 100% behind our Warranty .

Excellent Support

Excellent follow up after the repairs and money back if during the Warranty our screens malfunctions due to a default .

Professionnal Company

We are a Luxembourg Registered Company and we are in Business for several years .

Irrefutable Warranty

Our Warranty is the most Solid warranty in Luxembourg , after the iPhone Repair you can be assured of the huge quality of our iPhone screens , and you have also the Best Customer support Service in Luxembourg in case something is wrong during our warranty period .

Choose your iPhone model to see all the repairs info along with the Prices !

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Our Info & Advantages about an iPhone Repair .

Fast iPhone Broken Screen Repair Service with the Best quality and the best Customer support in Luxembourg .

We are Pros in changing your broken iPhone 6s screen , your Battery our the bottoms ( Power , Volume , Mute ) and more , all is done by a Super Professional Team in our Repair Center with stock of all the parts we may need to your Repair .

  • iPhone Screen Repair in Just 30 minutes;
  • Original and Top Quality Parts;
  • Repairs done by Professionals Technicians ;
  • Best Customer service in Luxembourg.

Repair your Broken iPhone screen by the Professionals don’t risk bad Surprises .

Unlike most of the other repair shops in Luxembourg , we only use Original Screens and we give our Customers a warranty with all the iPhone Repairs .

Be Assured we have the best warranty available

Our Warranty is the most Solid repair Warranty in Luxembourg , after your iPhone Screen repair you can be reassured of the great Quality of our Repair and The Parts Used , you will also have a great Customer service after the Repair , and you have the right to an reimbursement  during the warranty period in case our screens presents a default .

We use only the Best and Original parts unlike most of the other Shops and we are very proud to stand by our warranty in the rare case of a part malfunction .

Payment only after the Repair is done .
If you need , you can ask us for a Devi’s “quote” in order to ask for a Repair Refund with your insurances agent .

Minutes pour chaque Réparation iPhone

Réparation Vitre iPhone
Remplacement Baterie iPhone
Remplacement chasis complete iPhone
Réparation boutons

Only Happy! Customers

More than 20 000 happy Customers and 5 Star Ratings in our Facebook page .

We offer the Best Repair Service in Luxembourg , Repair your iPhone screen with the Professionals don’t risk bad surprises . We are a Professional iPhone , iPad , Samsung and Computer Repair Center in Luxembourg .

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iPhone Repair Services

  • Batteries Replacement

    Remplacement Batterie iPhone en 10 Minutes

  • All Buttons Repair

    Nous Réparons tout types de problèmes avec les boutons iPhone .

  • Audio and network Problems

    Réparation de problèmes Réseau et de Son

écran iphone
  • Cameras replacement

    Si votre camera iPhone présent un défaut on peux là réparer .

  • Software Reset , Restore

    Nous pouvons actualiser votre iPhone et Sauvegarder vous données et le rendre plus rapide .

  • Screen and Tactile Glass

    Résolution de tous les problemes avec le écran et le tactile de tous les modelés iPhone