Installation Amplifiers for Luxembourg GSM Networks, 3G / 4G LTE mobile internet

Enjoy a more stable 3G & 4G / LTE connection in your home or office.
Compatible with Tango, Orange and Post Luxembourg.

A GSM booster amplifier for 4G / 3G networks is the best way to provide your home or office with clear calls and a stable mobile internet. The DSM 3G / 4G amplifier improves all types of signals on the different frequency bands in use by Luxembourg operators – for 3G Internet (CDMA) as well as for 4G data (LTE, HPSA +) Compatible with Tango, Orange and Post.

Each Gsm 3g / 4G or amplifier is a compact and easy to install device. It is installed by our technicians at your office or home. It includes a complete kit which includes the amplifier housing, the indoor antenna and the outdoor antenna with coaxial cables and the power supply. The installation of the GSM / 3g / 4g amplifier at your home takes about 2 hours and after being installed by us it does not require technical knowledge to use it you make calls as usual but always with more network bars on your mobile phone.

By intensifying the incoming mobile signal the signal repeater amplifies the voice as well as the 3g and 4g data of all operators in Luxembourg and guarantees the strong and constant signal which makes your mobile connection more stable and much more pleasant.

If you have any questions regarding the installation of our telephone and Internet amplifier or would like to have it tested at your home, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The dual-band signal amplifier Available from Us is used to improve weak GSM signals on two different frequencies. The LCD screen shows signal level, installation recommendations, error notifications, strength, and ALC data. This model guarantees efficient amplification in medium-sized houses or separate floors, offices, shops and other locations up to 300 m2 (3200 ft2).

Your device simultaneously amplifies GSM signals at 900 and 1800 MHz. 900 MHz is the most widespread frequency for signal transmissions in the European Union and Compatible with Luxembourg Operators. The 1800 MHz frequency is mainly used as an additional frequency to 900 MHz and in certain regions it is used as the main frequency. Consequently, the dual-band amplifier will be suitable for users of mobile operators operating on different frequencies.

Our Booster is very effective and easy to use thanks to the following characteristics:

  • LCD screen. You will easily install and use the amplifier as the screen shows all the clues and information, including installation tips and signal level.
  • Standby mode. You save energy and money because the amplifier automatically enters standby mode when there are no incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Automatic signal level control. If the incoming signal is insufficient, the amplifier detects it and adjusts the system gain. This option also helps to avoid interference.
  • Compact size and light weight. Thanks to the elegant design, small size, compact shape and LCD screen this amplifier is ideal for any interior and will not take up much space.

It provides uninterrupted telephone communications and stable operation of the GPRS and EDGE networks as well as LTE of certain operators. The quality and safety of this product are proven by international CE and RoHS certifications.

Request a Test and an Installation, Contact Us.

Price all inclusive with there Installation in your home 800 euros.

Mobile Booster Price + 2 indoor and outdoor antennas with Cable Without Installation 650 Euros.