Why we at Pc Express advise to install a Mesh wifi network at your home or office .

A new Wi-Fi technology. We’re replacing your router with multiple Wifi points for an all-new Wi-Fi experience. Perfect coverage throughout the home.

Mesh networking technology is nothing new. What is new is that it is finally cheap enough to be deployed in homes and small businesses. A mesh network allows you to significantly extend the range of your Wi-Fi connection, in a simple and effective way with a single Network “network name”. The implementation of a mesh network corrects the most common problem of Wi-Fi, namely dead zones. You know what it is: you leave your office with your laptop to go to the conference room and suddenly no more Wi-Fi, or at home you move from the office to the living room or bedroom and the signal is lost .

A new approach to Wi-Fi at home

Enjoy a Wi-Fi network covering the entire house, on all your devices. Google Wifi is a home Wi-Fi solution compatible with your modem and ISP, which allows everyone to use streaming services, and share and download content without disconnections

Intelligence Made Easy Find everything you love about Google in a Wi-Fi solution for the home.
They have redesigned the router to provide you with a reliable, scalable connection that makes it easy to use all your devices and all of your online activities.
With Google Wifi, you get the best coverage regardless of the layout and size of your home.

Easily control your network.

The Google Wifi app lets you identify devices connected to your network, test throughput, quickly fix a problem, set up a guest network, and more.

Wi-Fi has evolved.

Our way of using Wi-Fi has changed. We have more devices that require reliable Wi-Fi in more rooms. That’s exactly what Google Wifi offers. Even if you still need a modem and services from your ISP, Google Wifi does the rest .


Of course, you can fix this by using Wi-Fi gateways, repeaters, or Power Line Networking (PLC). Each of these solutions has its own disadvantages. Wi-Fi gateways can be difficult to install. CPL networking does not work well in buildings where the electrical installation is old. Finally, each Wi-Fi access point requires its own service set identifier (SSID) and its own management and requires you to constantly disconnect to connect to the nearest wifi.
What is a Mesh Wifi network?

We are installing Google Wifi point systems what is called a mesh network to provide Wi-Fi. A mesh network relies on multiple devices that act as a single Wi-Fi network. Your connection is therefore based on multiple Wi-Fi sources. -Fi distributed in your home, rather than on a single router. These Wi-Fi sources are called Wi-Fi hotspots.

As Wi-Fi is broadcast by each Wifi point (not a single router), you get better coverage for more spaces.  The more Wifi points you have, the better the distribution in the house, and the better the Wi-Fi connection. All WiFi access points are interconnected by wireless or via Ethernet cable for different long-distance floors etc. As long as they are within the reach of each other, they can communicate with each other without going through an intermediary (the router). Data is transmitted more efficiently and faster.

Why is this system different from a conventional Wi-Fi network? In a conventional Wi-Fi network, your phone or laptop is connected to a single router, through which all communications take place. The further you get away from this router, the weaker the signal. With Google Wifi, you can spread multiple Wifi points anywhere in your home, and make sure you always have one nearby.

What are the advantages of the WIFI mesh network?

  1. Flexible coverage: You can add additional Wi-Fi hotspots to improve coverage in hard-to-reach areas, such as corridors or near walls, to extend coverage outside the home.
  2. Automatic Repair: In a traditional Wi-Fi network, when the router crashes, all communications are interrupted between your devices. You no longer have access to the Wi-Fi network. But with the mesh network, when a Wifi point stops working, the signal is simply redirected to another Wifi point. Note: This system only works if one of your secondary Wifi points has stopped working. If this is your primary Wifi point (the one connected to your modem), the entire network will stop working.
  3. Direct path: Since all WiFi access points are interconnected, data can travel multiple paths to reach the destination, and they will always take the fastest path from point A to point B.

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