At Home Computer Assistance

Our IT support technicians can come to your home or office and give you assistance to fix your computer problems or set up your Network, quickly and efficiently. We also cal help you with programs related problems and smaller issues like setting up a Printer  Contact us to see how we can help you .

Computer assistance at your home

For a simple connection problem, or a need for assistance with mail , other software etc…Or for a more complex computer troubleshooting, we come to your home, to assist you with a computer and laptop even your smartphone or problems with your Wifi network .


IT problem fixing

IT problem fixing in Luxembourg

We work to solve any IT problem.


Qualified Technicians

Qualified technicians in Luxembourg

Technicians ready to help you with your Windows and Apple


Professional Service

Fast and professional IT problem fixing

We work to solve any IT problem fast.


Transparent Prices

Transparent Prices

We get charged by hour and our prices are always accessible on our page


Irreproachable Quality

Enormous quality

We work until we get a complete result of your problem.


Problem solving , the same day

Problem solving , same day

Problem solving on the same day in Luxembourg .


Ensured description

Ensured description

Description always ensured by our technicians so you don't need to get worried.


Excellent Support

Access to our customer service

Access to the best customer support in Luxembourg, available 24h/7

Company specializing in home repair Assistance registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg.

Our goal is: To Help you Solve your problem with a fast and efficient home support. We intervene at your home promptly after your call and after listening carefully to the problem, allowing that at the end of our intervention you will find the full resolution of the problem. Our Pc Express S.à.r.l. team intervenes for all computer software and hardware problems that may occur in your home.

Computer troubleshooting - 8Km from our office

IT-Help at Home
50€ ttc Displacement
  • The first 30 minutes 50€ ttc
  • 40 minutes 62€ ttc
  • 50 minutes 74€ ttc
  • 60 minutes 86€ ttc
  • 90 minutes 122€ ttc
  • 120 minutes 158€ ttc

IT at Home Computer assistance

Your computer doesn’t start, makes a strange noise or is infected by a virus?

Do you have a problem with a Printer or a Network Problem ?
We can help you to and solve your IT problems at your home, with a Professional Fast and efficient service .

Pc Express S.à r.l. we help you to solve all your IT problems such as virus infections, invasive publicity, spy programs or a slow computer and much more .

assistence à distance au luxembourg

Windows Computer

Laptop or desktop computer
réparer apple macbook au luxembourg

Apple repair

Macbook Pro or iMac
réparation reseaux au luxembourg

Network Problems

WiFi signal problem solving, etc..
installation imprimant au Luxembourg


Printer installation and more

Home IT Assistance

We at Pc Express SARL are experts in: computers repair, virus removal,Internet  problems , setting up printers, email problems and more!
We will make your computer “Better Than New”; share a printer between your  computers, get all your computers connected to the Internet, setup and secure wireless access and much more.
Our prices are the best and are very transparant. We offer in home computer service.
We are experts in anti-virus software, computer security, and other computer services.  We will help you use the best and lowest cost anti-virus and  anti-spyware software.
Pc Express SARL specializes in repairing all the problems without losing your data.
Contact us and obtain a free “Devis” quote to get an IT support at your home in  Luxembourg.
Profit from the best customer services without having bad surprises on the bill.

Our IT Home Assistance repair prices

Our prices for an IT problem solving at home. IT repair service in Luxembourg from 10h to 22h and from Monday to Friday.

IT repair at PC Express

Time with a technician
0€ Free ``Devis`` quote
  • 5 to 10 minutes free
  • 10 minutes 15
  • 15 minutes 22
  • 20 minutes 30
  • 25 minutes 37
  • 30 minutes 45

IT repair - 8Km away from us

IT repair at home
50€ Travel
  • up to 30 minutes 50€
  • 40 minutes 62€
  • 50 minutes 74€
  • 60 minutes 86€
  • 90 minutes 122€
  • 120 minutes 158€

IT repair more than 8Km away from us

IT repair at home
65€ Travel
  • Up to 30 minutes 50€
  • 40 minutes 62€
  • 50 minutes 74€
  • 60 minutes 86€
  • 90 minutes 122€
  • 120 minutes 158€

We solve any challenge from our customer as if he was in the same room

We propose also distant assistance in partnership with TeamViewer Optimized for the instant support, this little module doesn’t need any installation. Do the download, double-click and communicate to our PC Express technician the ID and password that will appear on your computer screen .

Providing support to our customers in Luxembourg has never been safer and easier. It’s like sitting right next to them, offering the help they need, the moment they need it most.


Quote for Home Assistance !

It is impossible for us to estimate in advance the price for our intervention at home, but we are very transparent with our prices. Look at our price list home assistance displayed on top on this page  and with that you have our exact price without surprises, we will charge the deplacement and the time that the technician will stay at your home. Contact our support team for more information.

Pc Express S.à r.l. is specialized in the IT support at home, IT training (Material and Software ), installation of every material, printer etc.. , softwares, and high-tech advice (PC, Tablet, Antivirus, smartphones , and more…).

We come visit you at home in Luxembourg and take care of all your IT equipment: Desktop PC or Laptop, Apple, Smartphones, Tablets.