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Laptop and Desktop computers diagnostic and repairs . Trust us to solve all your IT problems.

Don’t worry, we at PC Express S.a.r.l take charge all the breakdowns that may occur, whether it is because of the software or some bad component inside the Pc , We work on  Windows and Apple machines and in all smartphones Models  , we are here to help and fix all the problems.

We assemble your Custom Computer for you in Luxembourg, according to your Budget your needs and your colors , a Computer unique like you with a Super Guarantee of everything.

Qualified Technicians

Available to listen to you, give you advice and help you.

“With us, you have a personalized repair service. A qualified technician will take care of your machine, but also of you, so he can explain the problem to you, the solution and how to avoid it in the future.”

only at Pc Express!

We also offer Computer assistance at your home

If you cant come to us , or for a network problem at home , or even for a more complex computer troubleshooting, we come to your place, to assist you with a computer or laptop  , and even your smartphone and problems with your Wifi network and printer etc…

At Home Assistance

Computer repair with us ? Choose your system, Windows or Mac!

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Most frequent computer repairs!
Choose your computer Repair  so you can see all the available repairs and the prices, you can also call us to get  information about a Repair you cant find here ,  or to book a repair  .

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Replace Laptop Broken Screen

Replace Laptop Broken screen


Computer Screen replacement

You have unfortunately dropped or violently hit your Laptop
And now the screen is cracked or broken?
We can replace the screen of your Laptop.
The computer starts up but the broken screen remains black
Or display information that is not readable due to cracks?
First of all, you must tell us the model of your Laptop
To find the screen with our stock.
Our price can change, compared to the Model!

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New Windows Install

Windows Computer System Install


We can Install in your computer a brand new Windows operating system

This way you will get your computer even better than the day you have bought it
Your computer will be fast powerful and free of errors and slowdowns
We will also install you the latest drivers four your machine and all the required updates
With all that we will install some off the top programs most people use and need
like “flash player , pdf reader , Java , video codecs” and much more along with a great anti-virus
Your Pc will transform to be a hole new machine fast reliable and powerful

Trust Us

Bring us your machine today we are fast and most services are done the same day

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Replace Laptop Charging PortReplace Laptop Charging Port

Replace Laptop Charging Port


Repair Power Problems

Normally the problem is at the connector,
(The female socket welded to the motherboard),
Place where you plug the charger is pretty fragile,
And once the laptop loads more or you need to try
Several times to put it on.
Welding the connector or replacing it
For a new, on-site with us.

Our price may change compared to the Model !


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Our price may change compared to the Model!

Replace computer hard driveReplace computer hard drive

Replace Computer Hard drive in luxembourg


Replace your computer hard drive in Luxembourg

We can replace your damaged our old hdd in Luxembourg,
by a better model more reliable with faster speeds and increase your battery time.
A question ? Need advice? Hard Drive Change.
Want a Repair? Call us, we will be happy to help you.
Professionals at your disposal to help you
In you problems concerning your computer.
Go with us, we will be happy to help you.
Customer Support at:
621 410 435
Or Visit us in Strassen we are very close to the Shopping the Belle Étoile
We have a large Parking in front of our Repair Center
Pc Express SARL

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Entrust us your computer!

We are the best repair service, test us! 😉

Most frequent computer repairs

We do repairs such as: broken motherboard, graphic car, black or broken LCD/LED screen, charging problems such as broken power supply, battery replacement, hard disk replacement, keyboard replacement, hinge replacement, memory replacement, ventilator replacement, power connector replacement.
Software repairs: virus problems, internet connection problems, slow PC, restarting problems, new installation, data recover and much more!

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By far the best computer repair service in Luxembourg!

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More than 20 000 happy Customers and 5 Star Ratings in our Facebook page .

We offer the Best Repair Service in Luxembourg , Repair your iPhone screen with the Professionals don’t risk bad surprises . We are a Professional iPhone , iPad , Samsung and Computer Repair Center in Luxembourg .

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Get your Computer repaired by professionals.

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