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Dear Customer We do not sell any Products on our website, our website www.pcexpress.lu is only to give you information and repair prices for any repair service and other you must contact us and come directly to our shop at 234 Route of Arlon 8010 Strassen Luxembourg.
Pc Express S.à .r.l we are a registered company in Luxembourg. We at PcExpress are very passionate about IT. Our area is the repair of iPhone, Samsung, Tablets and Computers. We develop sites, do some SEO management and sell some IT material. Our priority is our customers’ well being and to offer them and the companies a quality service with excellent prices according to their needs and expectations.


iPhone repair in Luxembourg

Trust us and let us repair your iPhone, we only use high quality parts for your repair and we have the most solid warranty in Luxembourg. Make the best choice and let us repair your iPhone in only 30 minutes.

IPad repair in half a day

In our repair center in Luxembourg, you get your iPad repaired by qualified technicians who take an enormous care. The end result is a repair which looks exactly like a brand new iPad. Plus, you can profit from an excellent repair warranty. Test Us!

The fastest computer repair service

We are the place in Luxembourg to solve all your IT problems. Our excellent technicians can help you with any problem and give you good advice. We can repair your computer in only one day.

PcExpress, N°1 repair service in Luxembourg with great quality and warranty.

Only Happy! Customers

More than 20 000 happy Customers and 5 Star Ratings in our Facebook page .

We offer the Best Repair Service in Luxembourg , Repair your iPhone screen with the Professionals don’t risk bad surprises . We are a Professional iPhone , iPad , Samsung and Computer Repair Center . Enjoy also our excellent Computer assistance service in Luxembourg

Why choose us to repair?

Different to a big majority of repair services in Luxembourg, we don’t buy cheap iPhone, iPad or Computer parts, just to get low prices and neglect the warranty and quality to our customers.
We perform the repairs with high quality parts only and in a modern atelier so we can get a clean and professional end result. Our parts and repair warranty have a time span of 2 years.

Fast repair

We repair your broken screen the same day in Luxembourg.

Professional service

Best repair service in Luxembourg, repair done by qualified technicians

Super warranty

Repair done with original screens and an excellent warranty of 2 years.

Excellent Support

Need help or advice? Excellent Customer Service available 24h. Don’t hesitate, contact us!

Pc Express reception

Come see us at N°234, route d’Arlon in Strassen. We will be glad to help you with any IT problem.

Smartphone, Tablet and computer fast repair service with an excellent quality and the most solid warranty in Luxembourg.

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